About Neurenics

What NFB can help with?

This “biofeedback for the brain” can help make life easier with reduced hurdles to jump and manage the stresses and strains of daily life. It can enhance your health and well-being and improve your emotional intelligence at home and at work. Easier decisions, less anxiety, more attentive and focused and successful.

How does it work?

This system works because it allows you to connect with your actual brain activity and because of the flexibility of neuroplasticity, you can change your normal dysfunctional pattern to become optimal for you.

What to expect in your session?

You will work with a credentialed professional psychologist who is also a neuroscientist and certified in this kind of treatment or training. It will be effortless for you and you will begin to access levels of your brain and neural functioning that you never realized was possible. This takes some time and many people experience this from session 1. It usually takes 12 sessions to experience marked progress and then comes stability and last quality of the benefits. You can discuss anything in confidence in a therapeutic environment also.

For how long will I see results?

You will see results permeate the entire spectrum of your life, interpersonal, worklife, and the learning that you acquire will stay with you. When somebody else remarks how more “on” or how calm/relaxed you are, you will know that effects are lasting. Depending on the number of sessions, benefits will become more long-lasting – months and then maybe a “refresher” session once in a while and that is a pleasant place to be! When someone asks you what medications you are taking because you appear so noticeably calm and alert and you say none then you will know that something significant has occurred.

About Neurofeedback

NEURENICS system of neurobehavioral development embraces the concept of Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ). Many decisions in life that are made from an emotional basis or have emotional input often turn out not to be the best decisions. Extreme examples would include “Road-rage” and so on. Dr. Thomas Browne has investigated this dimension of human behavior and has found that treatment or training using audio/visual Neurofeedback from a specific brain activity electrical frequency range has helped individuals not to have affective (emotional) responses from past experiences. Those with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have experienced this welcome change that is possibly as a result of functional metabolic changes in Amygdala function in the Limbic System., a theory yet to be investigated further. Therefore, individuals who experience sessions of this kind report that their emotions are much more in control and they make easier, faster, and better decisions from levels of high responsibility to small everyday choices and are clearer and more present with activities in which they engage. These can include interpersonal discussions, family and relationship dynamics, shopping, or controlling a business enterprise. This demonstrates enhanced emotional intelligence together with improved EQ (and possibly IQ)!

Dr. Thomas Browne’s NEURENICS system is evolved, carefully designed and is an effective methodology or set of tools that when combined will produce beneficial results in the majority of individuals. His professional credentials and experience can hold together the most complex and demanding challenges in his patients and non-clinical clients. Achievement of measurable and experienced (quantitative and qualitative) results need not be overly expensive and evaluation and assessments can be performed as a situation demands with reports generated quickly. Results of NEURENICS interventions are valid and reliable meaning that the system measures what it is supposed to and the majority of results can be replicated over time, meaning they are reliable. Dr. Browne is experienced in topographic brain mapping for neurodiagnostics using 19 electrode placements that are interpolated into low resolution cortical maps that show the dispersion of selected frequency of the EEG over the cortex. This is called Quantified EEG or QEEG. Thus, it is possible to construct a treatment protocol tailored to the needs of the individual characteristics. This evaluation can be reduced in complexity and cost by using a less complex and often comparable method where the spectrum of neural activity is viewed in 3D or 2D displays. This is exciting for most people to be able to sit and view their cortical neural electrical activity in front of them, in real time. The methodology that is implicit in the NEURENICS system is very useful in substantiating the diagnosis of child or adult Attentional Deficit Disorder (ADD) that can exist subtly or can be dramatic and that severely damage the ability for academic retention and may even be diagnosed as a Learning Disorder. Results of these tests can be helpful in being granted accommodations such as extended time for demanding professional examinations such as the SAT and professional licensing exams.

What benefits can Neurenics and Neurofeedback provide or how can we help you?

Patients, clients, and individuals who experience treatment and training with a kind of this “biofeedback for the brain” process begin to feel well and notice that life gets easier with reduced hurdles to jump and a better ability to manage stress and strain of life. Many find that their whole self “normalizes” including improvement in thinking, emotionality, and behavior.

The kinds of complaints include anxiety, depression, excessive fatigue, focus and attention issues, and inability to relax and become calm. Other things that people present when seeking Neurofeedback-based treatment, training, or therapy can include blood pressure levels that elevate and decrease causing the person to feel uncomfortable and unstable on their feet.

For others, making decisions that affect their businesses can be difficult and often they find that not only is this stressful but, the decisions are often not the best for their company and those who work there.
Not being able to stop working on a project when you have surpassed your physical and mental level of comfort can be a source of illness that can often escalate into a medical problem down the road and the correct Neurofeedback treatment can restore the ability of knowing when to stop and rest. When this occurs, you find that you work more easily and efficiently as a result.

So, not only can the right kind of Neurofeedback help with mental or mind functioning, it can also benefit physical irregularities and reduce tension. This works very well when accompanied by using the 15 minute CD of “Neuromuscular Calming” recording between sessions.

You can find that your mental and physical energy is better used and is not wasted on unwanted worries or with difficulties that are self-created because of emotionality and taking on the stress of others, without knowing when “enough is enough”.

Achievement of goals comes easier together with more success in your personal and professional life with improved interpersonal relationships and many notice enhanced creativity and ease of completion of tasks.
The art of deep mental and physical relaxation is found in certain types of Neurofeedback and some will find a new level of internal calmness that they never found was possible. Along with this very beneficial state comes enhanced or increase alertness and awareness of self, others, and the environment. This alone provides the keys to better well-being and happiness.

Neurofeedback as used in Neurenics is designed to improve one’s health and reduce problem issues and many are surprised by how easy this becomes. When your spouse, partner, or associates in work notice positive changes, it hits home that something is different and the good news is that this difference is long-lasting and for some these benefits are substantial and felt almost immediately while for others they need a longer period of time before they can experience reduction in worry, normalized blood pressure, just feeling more powerful, and successful, with less energy investment.

People who come to Neurenics are from a wide range of personality types, age, and seek a variety of benefits and improvement in how they are in the world. Sometimes, it is memory and recall of words, or it could be following a traumatic experience. Common to all is increased emotional intelligence that is so closely related to health, well-being, and achievement across the board.

What To Expect In Your Session