Neurenics Professional Neurofeedback (NPN) is not for everyone and results can vary. The information contained in the NPN website and documentation describes correlations between changes in observed characteristics of the human electroencephalograph (EEG) and enhanced human behaviors and does not infer causality. This means that changes in qualitative and quantitative mental, emotional, and other behaviors are not necessarily caused by changes in EEG characteristics such as frequency range, amplitudes, and neural coherence but, are strongly and reciprocally related to these changes. The statistical relationship between changes in EEG characteristics and enhanced experience and behaviors occurs in a way not expected on the basis of chance alone. All information and data on the site is from session digital recordings, and clients’ own experienced outcomes and perceived treatment effects as well as published scientific information established by Dr. Browne and other established researchers. Unpaid testimonies and information stated by Dr. Browne should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment of any neurological condition. It is legally and ethically incumbent upon Dr. Browne to ensure that all clients or outpatients that present themselves to him will be directed to have an examination by an appropriately qualified, licensed medical practitioner if he deems this to be a necessary prerequisite to receiving psychological, neuropsychological, clinical psychophysiological biofeedback, or applied neurophysiological NPN treatment from him. He reserves the right to and will refer any client or outpatient to an appropriate medical practitioner in such instances. This is to control for possible causes or etiologies of the presenting issue, which could require treatment outside of Dr. Browne’s licensed professional capacity. Dr. Browne cannot be held responsible for noncompliance by any client or outpatient who receives such a professional directive or referral.