Altered States, Holiday Sounds, and NPN

  • Neurenics Professional Neurofeedback system can produce altered states of awareness in some who report new ways of perceiving the world and themselves.
  • Their conclusions are that awareness or consciousness is not created by the cortex and is not limited by the brain which is actually a processor of a broader reality!
  • Yes, the brain is related to consciousness and exploration of EEG frequency-defined meditative experiences tends to increase creativity and clarity of thought.
  • For some, this implies the existence of an individual spirituality, and is often reinforced by a sense of internal healing and connection to a “larger picture”.
  • Audio feedback that is driven by one’s EEG brain activity can produce this and can include physical sensations of very deeply reduced neuromuscular activity.
  • This releases one’s awareness from the boundaries of the physical body – to the surprise of many who very much ¬†like the resulting sensation that they control.
  • Therefore, it appears that there exists an important relationship between sound, healing, and altered states, together with ease of achievement of goals or desires.
  • Calming music can begin to induce this experience and NPN is a tool that tunes the brain as one tunes a musical instrument – each player in a vast orchestra!
  • This topic begs to compare well-tuned and synchronized brains to a living harmonious orchestra that blends together well, as a healthy organization does.
  • A symphony concert is a useful analogy of how a coherent and functional organization performs and the poorly tuned instrument stands out and creates discord!
  • The Holiday Season is when many of us feel connected with a more expanded awareness and this can result in a sense of peace, and collective harmony, for a time.¬†
  • With NPN, these beneficial effects last through the year!
  • Happy Holidays and New Year 2015 to you!
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